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At Care Creek Dental we view our patients as family; therefore we maintain complete honesty and effort in everything we do. Our objective is to address your dental concerns by offering quality dental treatment(s) that won't break the bank and to teach our patients in hope that we can reduce the risk of future dental disease. We also work together as a team to create an environment that is caring, fun, and personable.  In addition we strive to help those with or without dental insurance save money where they can while still enabling them to obtain the level of oral health they are hoping for.

Our Services

Care Creek Dental is the dentist of choice in Southeast Idaho. We are here for you wether you need a cleaning to preservee your beautiful smile, have a cavity or abscess that is causing pain or discomfort, or would like to replace a missing tooth with a bridge, we are here to help. Our dentist, Dr. Gagnon, his dental assistants, and dental hygienists are all caring individuals and will take all the necessary steps to ensure your experience is as pain free and as pleasant as possible. Dr. Gagnon, will also explain to you all the options for your dental treatment and you can choose which option is right for you and your budget. To learn more about any of the services we offer simply click it in the list below.

The Amazing Staff at Our Dental Office

All our staff members are highly trained and excel in there respective positions and any dental office would be proud to have them on their team. To learn more about any of our staff members simply click their photo or name.